Transfer-on-Death Deed Kit
Texans often spend thousands of dollars in probate court just to make sure their children inherit the family home. Now, low-income Texans can pass title to their family homes for less than $50.
Shaping policy, raising funds, connecting and educating legal aid providers, and promoting public awareness of access to justice issues: These are just a few of the ways the Commission works to ensure that the judicial system hears the voices of all Texans.
Stories from the Frontlines
For millions of Texans, access to justice is more than a catch phrase. It’s how they keep their homes and their children. It’s what keeps them going.
Bridging the justice gap must include policies that help Texans help themselves. That’s why we advocate for easy-to-use forms that allow low-income Texans to handle simple legal matters when they can’t afford a lawyer.
...and Justice for All
We’ve all recited the pledge of allegiance, but millions of Texans don’t get justice because they can’t afford it. Make good on the pledge.

ATJ in the News

Justice for Montana project staffs a lot of their court help centers with Americorps volunteers.

2015 Access to Justice Campaign

Honor your pledge and contribute to the ATJ Campaign

TX Supreme Court to Rule on ATJ Issue

Whatever the Supreme Court decides, it will be “tremendously significant” for legal aid organizations across the state.