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Deborah G. Hankinson Award
This award honors local bar associations and young lawyer affiliates that demonstrate a commitment to ACCESS TO JUSTICE in their communities and to raising financial support for legal service providers on a local and statewide basis.
Summer 2021 Floral Motif Access to Justice Internship Program
Apply to participate in the Summer 2021 ATJIP today.
ATJ Internship Program
Access to Justice Internship Program (ATJIP) provides a unique opportunity for law students to participate in an internship with a legal aid organization.
Critical Legislative Session
The Texas Access to Justice Commission is focused on informing legislators about the dire funding and non-funded legislative related needs of the access to justice community.
Stories from the Frontlines
For millions of Texans, access to justice is more than a catch phrase. It’s how they keep their lives, their jobs, their homes, and their families secure. It’s what keeps them going.
Bridging the justice gap must include policies that help Texans help themselves. That’s why we advocate for easy-to-use forms that allow low-income Texans to handle simple legal matters when they can’t afford a lawyer.

ATJ In the News

PEW Fact Sheet: "What Is a Legal Assistance Portal?" Pew framework can help policymakers and the public recognize these tools and understand how they work.

An article from Daedalus, Winter 2019

Across the country, millions of people try to represent themselves in court. Abraham Lincoln had it right: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” But for many, there is no other choice.

...Those Who Cannot Afford Lawyers

Legal aid is essential if we are to truly have the rule of law. Legal aid lawyers exist to give the poor the same level of access to our courts as a person of means.