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The Texas Access to Justice Commission serves as the statewide umbrella organization for all efforts to expand access and reduce barriers to justice in civil legal matters for the poor.
Stories from the Frontlines
For millions of Texans, access to justice is more than a catch phrase. It’s how they keep their homes and their children. It’s what keeps them going.
Bridging the justice gap must include policies that help Texans help themselves. That’s why we advocate for easy-to-use forms that allow low-income Texans to handle simple legal matters when they can’t afford a lawyer.

ATJ In the News

The next Texas Access to Justice Commission Quarterly Meeting will be on April 30, 2019. For more details, please contact Marni Fidler at 512-427-1873.

Finding Access Through Interpretation

To close the justice gap, we must address the challenge of ethnic and linguistic diversity. But how?

...Those Who Cannot Afford Lawyers

Legal aid is essential if we are to truly have the rule of law. Legal aid lawyers exist to give the poor the same level of access to our courts as a person of means.