Throughout each legislative session and during interim years, the Commission works to ensure that lawmakers across the state understand how barriers to justice affect their constituents and raise awareness about the importance of access to justice for all Texans.

During Texas legislative sessions, the Commission hosts an ATJ Day at the Texas Legislature during which a team of volunteers visits legislators and leaders to discuss the critical access to justice issues affecting their constituents. This outreach has helped solidify legislative support for legal aid and make sure that access to justice is a priority for state lawmakers and leaders.

86th Legislature

The 86th Texas Legislature convened January 8, 2019. The Commission supports both funding and non-funding legislation that serves to increase access to the courts for low-income Texans.

The ATJ breakfast for freshmen and sophomore legislators took place on January 16, co-hosted by Senator Zaffirini and Representative Davis.  The TAJC is so grateful to Senator Zaffirini, Chief Justice Hecht, and Justice Guzman for attending and participating in the program.  Members in attendance received a "Legal Aid 101"  and an overview of the TAJC's access to justice legislative priorities.


Funding-related efforts:

The TAJC is in support of the Texas Supreme Court’s baseline budget at $20M for basic civil legal services (BCLS) funds over the biennium. The Court also asked for two ATJ exceptional items - $10M for LASSA and $6M for Veterans.


Non-Funding-related Efforts:

The TAJC will be working on legislative issues related to the following:

  • Limited Dissemination of Eviction Information

  • Chapters 36 & 37 of the Government Code

  • Landlord-Tenant Matters Post-Disaster 


How can you help?

Tell your elected officials that you support civil legal aid and you think they should as well. Click on the link below to find out who represents you on the state level.

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