The Supreme Court of Texas created the Texas Access to Justice Commission in 2001 with the mandate of expanding access to justice for low-income Texans.  Because there are a variety of challenges to access to justice in Texas, the Commission’s work is necessarily multi-faceted.  These are our primary areas of focus:

Policy Initiatives:  By promoting policies that remove barriers to our judicial system, the Commission works to create a framework for equitable access to justice. 

Resource Development:  Through ongoing fundraising efforts and a strong partnership with the State Legislature, the Commission works to secure funding and other resources for legal aid across Texas.

Awareness and Education: By educating the legal community about access to justice issues and the importance of pro bono work, and by training legal aid lawyers to effectively advocate for their clients, the Commission seeks to expand and enhance the delivery of legal aid and pro bono services across Texas.

Specific issues and initiatives are described in greater detail under “Our Work.”

The Texas Access to Justice Commission does not provide legal representation.  To find legal assistance in your area, please visit www.texaslawhelp.org.

Please send media inquiries to: ATJMAIL@TEXASATJ.ORG